Course Details:

An Honours degree in tourism and Hospitality management is like a passport to the entire globe. Managerial level graduates are in high demand across all sectors of the service industry. Skills shortages in hospitality and tourism are well recognized and the industry is in critical need of more management level hospitality and tourism professionals.

The HELP programmes in Hospitality and tourism explore the industry from a social, economic and environmental perspective and equip students with advanced knowledge about tourism and hospitality. These programmes provide graduates from a range of disciplines with the skills needed to sustainably manage tourism products, hospitality resources and management practices. It offers exposure to diverse areas such as tourism analysis and strategy, tourism systems analysis, sustainable tourism and hospitality practices, global destination competitiveness, economic decision making in hospitality, tourist behavior, sustainability and marketing.

At HELP, our history comes with many years of accumulated knowledge and experience in delivering world-class tourism and hospitality courses that produce versatile and ambitious graduates who are able meet the challenges of working in the tourism and hospitality industries anywhere in the world. The training at HELP University will enable the students to immerse themselves in the real world of Hospitality and tourism.

Dr Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai
Head, School of Hospitality and Tourism

Student Activities – The HELP Tour Club

The HELP tour club was established to encourage a closer community among the students within the School of Hospitality and tourism through student based activities.

  • HELP Tour Club Evening
    An evening to promote the importance of the HELP tour club, present the culture of travel, tourism and hospitality for both operators and customers, and introduce the tourism protocol, hospitality culture and dining etiquette.
  • HELP F&B Fiesta
    Promoting the culture of beverages and methods of serving from different countries and societies, and connecting representatives from beverage production and preparation companies with students and consumers
  • HELP World Tourism Day
    Highlighting the quality of students’ achievements and projects, promoting the School’s education programmes, connecting the representatives from tourism companies and associations with students and teachers, and celebrating the culture and spirit of tourism as a global phenomenon.
  • “At first, it was really challenging, everything was new for me: friends, living style, learning environment, the course of studies. But friends and lecturers helped me overcome the problems. Moreover, having the right attitude helped: you can’t choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances. I always have an attitude of learning and appreciation for others, that’s why nothing could stop me working and studying harder. Prof Andelko Simic (former head of the School of Hospitality and Tourism) inspired me. He avoided spoon-feeding students, instead he taught us to work independently and collaboratively, using the process of inquiry to search for answers and to pose and solve problems.”

    Chai Sze Lin
    CEO Sport Scholarship
    Founder of X Café
    Co-Founder of Disconnect Bistro and Beer Bar, all in Johor.
    HELP Bachelor of Business (First Class Honours) (Hospitality Management)
    HELP President’s Award
  • “I am glad I chose HELP University for my degree education. I made many great friends there and I acquired a deep knowledge of the hospitality industry by focusing on areas like hotel management, F&B, and airlines operations. Being selected by Hilton KL for my internship was one of the most important periods for me to get to the core of this industry, especially in the Front Office, F&B and housekeeping. Now I can handle front desk work with confidence. The lecturers made it fun to attend classes and there were so many activities to enjoy, e.g. World Tourism Day, field trips, visits and guest lectures. I am proud to be a graduate of HELP University.”

    Min Kuo-Hui
    After graduating, Min Kuo-Hui joined the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei.
    HELP Bachelor of Business (Hons) Hospitality Management.
  • “I am ambitious. Appreciating the smiles and service of waiters has inspired me to choose the hospitality industry. After my foundation program in Vietnam, I’m glad I followed my mother’s advice and chose HELP University for my BBus (Hons) degree. At HELP, you find purposeful, passionate and supportive lecturers. I enjoyed going to classes to experience the love and caring of the lecturers. They are always there when I needed help and they guided me when I was confused and indecisive. They are always willing to listen. I attribute my success to HELP University, the university of achievers. I’m now working with a 5 star property in Vietnam. I thank my lecturer Datin Hazarah for her advice “Do your best in your tasks, and let them know you are capable.” Thank you HELP University, thank you my wonderful lecturers, and good luck to all of you.”

    Le Minh Hien
    Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) (Hons)
    First Class Honours, 2014
  • “My aunty in KL recommended HELP as she thinks it is one of the best universities around. Studying hospitality and tourism management at HELP is a great choice if you wish to transfer to Australia. The knowledge, advice and the extensive presentation skills I learnt at HELP made me confident to prepare to do well in the top ranked University of Queensland. I want to operate a home stay in the future and I believe that studying hospitality and tourism management will equip me with the strategies and methods to run such an operation.”

    Wen Li-Chu
    HELP Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons)
    Completing her degree at the University of Queensland.

Rajesvare has worked with international travel and tour agencies including Air France, Reliance Travel, and for events like the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix. She has over 10 years’ experience in teaching tourism and event management subjects in local universities.

Rajesvare Rada
Senior Lecturer
MSc Int Tourism & Hosp Mgmt (Toulouse)
BSc Tourism Mgmt (Toulouse)

Lucy has over 30 years’ experience of the tourism industry. She worked in Malaysia Airlines in marketing and training, and now conducts training programs for travel agents. She was one of the three Master Trainers selected by the Ministry of Tourism to conduct training for frontline staff throughout Malaysia. Lucy is an accredited trainer with the Ministry of Tourism. She is also an accredited coach in communication.

Lucy Valentine Eruthayam
Dip Training & Dev (Malaya)
MA (Bournemouth)
Assoc Dip (TESOL) (LTTC)

Andrew has worked with several conglomerates. His lecturing background spans from hospitality management to strategic management on internal to various external programs. His unique way to connect to his students is his trait to extend the boundaries of higher education to boundless. Andrew is currently  doing his Doctorate Degree and actively engaged in research on tourism and hospitality areas.

Andrew Woon Sy-Jeen
BA Hospitality Industry Mgmt (Gloucestershire)
MBA (Cardiff Metropolitan)

Souji is an academician, researcher, columnist, Trainer Chef, Recipe Developer, Outdoor Educator and Consultant. He is the executive committee for TEAM (Tourism Educators Association Malaysia). He attended the Certification for study abroad program at San diego University, USA. He is recognised for his recipe development for Rasa Rasa-culinary project of the Malaysian government. His papers have been published in refereed journals. He has presented papers at conferences at Harvard University and Boston University. He reviews papers for numerous International conferences and journals, and he has chaired sessions at international conferences. He has over 25 refereed publications in high impact journals. He is the sub-editor of four international journals.

Dr Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai
Head, School of Hospitality and Tourism
BSc (Hotel Mgmt & Catering Sc)
MBA (Hotel Mgmt & Tourism)
MBA (Mgmt) (Bharathiar)
MPhil (Mgmt) (Madurai Kamaraj)
PhD (Bharathiar)

Hairul Hisam’s specialisation is in Food & Beverage Management. He has extensive experiences in restaurant operations and service management. Hairul is one of the Associate Members for Malaysian Food & Beverage Executive Association (MFBEA) and
has conducted various short training courses for corporate and government sectors, such as Executive Certificate in Banquet and Conference Management, Professional Dining Etiquette and Food Service Entrepreneurship. Throughout his career as a trainer,
Hairul has trained many good talents in both local & international F&B and Culinaire Competitions since 2000.

Hairul Hisam Bujang
Master in Hospitality Management (Uitm)
B.Sc (Hons) Foodservice Management (Uitm)
Diploma in Chef Training (ITM)

Dr. Jeetesh is an academic, researcher and consultant. He has been a key member of several consulting teams for national-level projects. He is the member of Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia, and paper-review committees for conferences and journals. Dr. Jeetesh has presented his researches in several conferences and his papers have been published in various renowned journals. Strong research and academic background help Dr. Jeetesh to provide a solid foundation in teaching and making immediate and meaningful contributions to hospitality and tourism industry.

Dr. Jeetesh Kumar
BBA (Hons.)
MBA (Hamdard)
Professional Masters in Int. Tourism & Hosp. Mgmt. (Toulouse)
PhD (Taylor’s)

Mr. Chiew Boon Tian has more than 8 years of experience in teaching food and beverage, and hospitality related subjects. Throughout his teaching career, he has been actively involved in curriculum planning and development of hospitality related subjects. Mr. Chiew Boon Tian has been a certified MQA (Malaysian Qualification Agency) panel member since December 2014. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in the area of Tourism and Hospitality.

Chiew Boon Tian
BSc Hospitality Mgnt (Unitar)
MBA Tourism & Hospitality Mgnt (UUM)
Professor Dr Andjelko Simic
Visiting Professor
Dip Econ (Belgrade)
Grad Dip Econ (Novi Sad, Subotica)
PhD (Belgrade)
Gooi Chee San
Senior Lecturer
MBA (Fin) (UPM)
CA (M)
Dr Harjeet Kaur
Senior Lecturer
BSc (Resource Econ) Hons (UPM)
Dr Ang Eng Sieng
Senior Lecturer
BA (Socio) (Winnipeg)
MBA (Mgt) (Oklahoma City)
PhD (Bulacan)
Steven Toh Choon Yoong
Senior Lecturer
BComm (Acct) (Distinction) (USQ)
MBA (Distinction) (Heriot-Watt)
CPA Australia
CA (M)
Dr Ooi Kok Kee
Senior Lecturer
B.A. (Psych)
MBA (Strathclyde)
Norzan Abdullah
BA (Malay Studies) Hons (UM)
MPPA (Wisconsin)
Professional Diploma in HRM (MIHRM)
Kishen Tulsidas Adnani
Senior Lecturer
BSc (Comp Sc) Hons (UPM)
MBA (Nottingham Trent)
Liew Huey Min
BBA (Hons) (UPM)
MBA (Finance) (Malaya)
Selvanadan Muniappan
Senior Lecturer
BCom (Acct) (Madras)
MBA (Hull)
MPhil (Middlesex)
Andrea Wang Shuan Wern
BSc in Edcation (TESL) Hons (UTM)
Ms Hemalata a/p Alagan
BCompSc (USM)
K Chandra Sakaran a/l Kanan
Senior Lecturer
BEcon (Agr & Res Econ) (UKM)
MTech Mgmt (HR Dev) (UTM)
Harkiranpal Singh a/l Karpal Singh
Senior Lecturer
LLB Hons (London)
MBA (Leicester)