Course Details:

A high level of competency in English has become a workplace requirement. As such, the demand for well-qualified and competent English teachers will keep on growing.

HELP University is well positioned to offer a high quality learning experience for students aiming to make a career in Education. The B.Ed. in TESL (Hons) programme will equip graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and capabilities to succeed as teaching professionals in public and private schools, and universities.

The Department has an excellent teaching faculty with Master’s and PhD level qualifications. Staff is assigned courses based on their respective areas of expertise. We challenge you to enrol in this programme and see how it can help you to achieve your goals.

Prospects for Graduate Study and Employability:

Graduate employability is always a key factor considered by both students and potential employers. Practical applications are strongly featured in the programme, which link theory and practice through critical reflection to build work-based skills as well as sound academic knowledge.

The programme has a Practicum Component which develops professional skills and attributes through observation and feedback. The programme also helps students to develop their interpersonal skills, teamwork skills and communication skills, which are highly sought after by employers. Skills gained from this area of study can easily be applied to different jobs enabling graduates to take up a wide range of careers in various sectors. There are also many opportunities for graduates of the HELP B. Ed in TESL (Hons) programme wishing to pursue graduate studies.

Students have access to facilities and expertise of HELP University’s ELM Graduate School and other academic departments. In addition, HELP leverages on its extensive network of international university partners to offer a wide range of choices for graduates at premier institutions and academies.

  • Dr Hannah Pillay
    Head of Department of Languages
    PhD (Education)(East Anglia)
    Cert in Trainer Training (Manchester)
    MA (TESOL) (Edinburgh)
    BA (Hons) (Malaya)
    Dip (Applied Linguistics) (RELC Singapore)
    Dip (Education) (Malaya)
  • Dr Anna Nirmala
    PhD (TESL) (UPM)
    MSc (TESL) (UPM)
    B Ed (TESL) Hons
    Dip (ESL) (Malaya)
  • Dr Hadi Kashiha
    PhD (Applied Linguistics) (UPM)
    MA (TESL) (Islamic Azad University, Iran)
    BA (English Language Translation) (Islamic Azad University, Iran)
  •  Anne Beatrice
    BA (Business Information Technology) (Coventry)
    Dip (TESOL) (London Teacher Training College)
  • Ayesha Abdullah Najeib Badib
    M Ed (Curriculum and Instruction) (IIUM)
    B Ed (TESL) (UST, Yemen)
  • Melissa Wong Ling Lee
    MA (TESOL) (Swinburne)
    BA (Mass Communication) (INTI)
  • Navinder Kaur
    M. Ed (TESOL) (USM)
    B Ed (TESL) (Hons) (UUM)
  • Nyidhyaa a/p Vinodhan
    B Ed (Hons) (TESL) (MSU)
  • Yogeetha Devi
    MA (TESOL) (Nottingham)
    B Ed (TESL) (Hons) (Chichester)
  • Yong Miow Keng
    Cert Ed (MOE)
    LLM (Malaya)
    LLB Hons (London), CLP
  • Nalini Devi
    M Ed (TESL) (Malaya)
    B Ed (TESL) (Hons) (UPM)
  • Thivyasreena Muthuvelu Pillai
    BE (Hons) (UNIRAZAK)