Course Details:

The programme is spiral and integrated in scope and content. It begins with a broad base, progressively becoming learning-outcome based, and finally links school achievement with society and home as shown in the list of subjects. Qualified Academic Standing Graduate Edu-carers are academically strong, professionally competent and personally motivated with national and international recognition for admission to postgraduate studies such as MA/MEd and PhD.

Professional Traits of Best Practice

  • Knowledge and understanding of child-centred pedagogy
  • Mastery of play-based, thematic, integrated ECE curriculum
  • Strong in the provision of project-based and experiential learning
  • Competent in lesson planning and implementation skills
  • Regular practice in observation, recording and progress profiling of every child
  • Integration of practice and principles based on ECE knowledge and understanding
  • Contribute to the development of early childhood education.
The BECE Students Club:

The BECE Students Club is an initiative of the first cohort of students (2011). It has grown in status and extended its activities into several community services. Every BECE student is a member. From the wide range of activities organized, informal learning experiences augment the learning experience of the formal programme. This enriches the Edu-carers’ professional journey by encouraging them to assume leadership roles and take ownership of their own educational journey of commitment to community service.

Activities of the BECE Students Club:

  • Organized three annual events
    • BECE gathering connecting with ECE stakeholders
    • 2-days of activities with the Pop-Up Stories Fan Clubs of Selangor and KL
    • Second Time Around Story Books
  • Organising and maintaining the Library of the HELP Education Department
  • Participation in Orang Asli Study Camps.
  • Dr Lee’s three decades of educational experience cover early childhood to tertiary education. Her focus on teacher education began in 1982 at the Institute of Education, University of London. Research in teacher quality and learners’ progress is another experience with impact on child development, early English literacy and bilingualism, and teachers’ job satisfaction. Early Childhood Education is Dr Lee’s pet subject, originating from her involvement in the Bernard van Leer funded research on the moral and cognitive development of preschool children, which resulted in the book Growing up in Singapore, the preschool years(Longman). It was further sustained in the 1990s when she became the ECE Malaysian Coordinator at Edith Cowan University in Australia.

    Dr Frances Lee Moi Fah
    Dean and Professor, Faculty of Education and Languages
    BA (English) (Malaya)
    PGCE (English & History) (ACAD)
    Dip Ed (Ed & Psych)
    MA (Ed Psych) (IE London)
    PhD (London)
  • Dr taught English for 9 years. at the Royal Military College. She then trained teachers of English at the Ministry of Education. She has more than 25 years of  experience in training Malaysian pre-service and in-service teachers as well teachers from Southeast Asia when she served in the Regional English Language Centre (RELC) in Singapore prior to joining HELP University. Currently she teaches English, Early Literacy and Introduction to Special Needs.

    Dr Yeow Poh Wha
    Senior Lecturer
    BA Hons, Dip Ed (Malaya)
    MEd TESOL (Manchester)
    PhD (Leeds)
  • Ms Rajoo is an ECE subject expert with more than 20 years’ involvement in ECE. She holds a BA in Early Childhood Studies (ECS) from Edith Cowan University, where she was a Gold Key award winner, after obtaining an Early Years Education Diploma (Advanced Certificate level). She has worked with young children for 25 years and has 15 years’ lecturing experience in Early Childhood Education at certificate, diploma and degree levels. She has conducted numerous workshops in Early Childhood Education.

    Ms Dorothy Rajoo
    BA ECS, Gold Key Award (Edith Cowan)
    MA (ECE) (Malaya)
  • Ms. Lye is an ECE subject expert with more than 15 years’ involvement in the Early Childhood Education curriculum. She earned her Master in Early Childhood Education (ECE) from the University of Malaya and her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies (ECS) from Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. She connects HU education department with ECE practitioners and is responsible for teaching practicum placement. Also, Ms. Lye is HU Representative in the ECCE  Council. Furthermore her rich experience in the childcare industry stretches over more than 20 years.

    Ms Doreen Lye Bee Hong
    BA ECS, Gold Key Award (Edith Cowan)
    MA ECE, Distinction (ECE - Distinction) (Malaya)
  • Ms Chong Tse Tee is an ECE subject expert with more than 20 years’ commitment to the provision of high quality ECE curriculum. She has 13 years of experience working with young children and 5 years of lecturing ECE modules at the diploma and bachelor degree level. She also holds a Diploma in TESOL and an Executive Diploma in Human Resource Management.

    Ms Chong Tse Tee
    Senior Lecturer
    BA ECS, Gold Key Award (Edith Cowan)
    MEd (OUM)
  • In addition to her BA and MEd degrees, Ms. Ang holds a Diploma in the Montessori Method of Nursery Education and a Primary Teaching Certificate in Elementary Speech Communication Arts from Guildhall London. She obtained the Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the International Language Academy of Australia. She holds positions in the Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran, Kementerian Sumber Manusia, Malaysia as External Verifier(PPL), Assessor – Prior Achievements Accreditation (PP-PPT), and External Verifier-National Dual Training System (PPL-SLDN). Her 20-year involvement inECE includes preschool administration and working with young learners in the classroom. She is an accredited trainer for the Basic Childcare Course (KursusAsuhan dan Didikan Awal Kanak Kanak Permata) of the Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, and served as a trainer and mentor for the Projek Asuhan Prihatin Malaysia, providing courses on home-based childcare to single mothers from the low-income group.

    Ms Penny Ang
    BA ECS, Gold Key Award (Edith Cowan)
    MEd (TESL) (Malaya)
  • Ms Revati obtained her Masters in Human Sciences (Psychology) from the International Islamic University in 2014 and her Bachelor of Psychology from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia in 2008. She has 3 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood Education covering subjects such as motivating children in learning and understanding children’s behaviour. She is trained in Indian classical dance, and has been involved in many dance dramas involving various age groups.

    Ms Revati Ramakrishnan
    BPsych (Curtin)
    MHSc (Psych) (IIUM)
  • Ms Yong has nine years’ experience teaching expressive art in Institute CECE Malaysia, where she specializes in teaching basic keyboard techniques and music and movement. She also provides training in basic childcare and advice on setting up home-based childcare centres. She teaches piano to the curricula of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College of Music. Ms Yong is active as a choir member and committee member of the Central Malaya Church Music Association.

    Ms Christina Yong Yoon Kum
    BA ECS (Edith Cowan)
    Teacher’s Diploma (Trinity College of Music)
  • Mr Siew has been dedicated to teaching Chinese Ink Painting for over ten years. His students have included Malays and Indians. Currently he is a contest adjudicator for the Chinese Ink Painting Association of Malaysia. He has won top prizes in art competitions in Malaysia, and his work has been exhibited in Malaysia, Singapore and China. He holds a Grade 8 qualification from the Arts Grade Examination Centre of the Art, Science, Technology Research Institute of China.

    Mr Siew Tin Chen
    Visual Arts Diploma (China)
  • Ms Szetho is passionate about early childhood education and has trained teachers in Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Myanmar. She has taught music education for teachers in music and movement, and dance and singing. She also trains Montessori teachers in music and conducts children and adult choirs. She also writes, produces and directs musicals and plays. She is trained in ballet, and plays the viola in the orchestra. Ms Szetho has led teamwork workshops in behavioural modification for leading corporations. She has organized activity camps in experiential learning for various age groups, and is presently involved in continuing education for adults.

    Ms Maureen Szetho
    MEd (OUM)
    Licentiate & Associate, Trinity College of Music
    Licentiate, Royal School of Music London
  • Dr Rouhollah’s research interests are in technology implementation in education, ICT and multimedia in education, instructional technology, instructional design, and and online and blended learning environments. In recent years, he has focused on online and blended learning environments, research tools and data analysis software such as SPSS and Amos. He has collaborated actively with researchers in disciplines such as HRD and educational psychology, particularly in curriculum and instruction. He has published journal articles in the field and has presented papers in international conferences. Dr Rouhollah has also served on international conference committees and as journal and conference reviewer. He has taught computer applications in education, production and application of instructional materials, selection and utilization of instructional materials, production of instructional films and other related courses.

    Dr Rouhollah Khodabandelou
    Assistant Professor (Educational Technology)
    MSc (Arak, Iran)
    PhD (UPM)
  • Mr Ch’ng specialised in Gifted Education in his MEd from Monash University. He majored in Psychology and International Studies in his BA from the same university. His research interests focus primarily on gifted education and educational psychology. Mr Ch’ng is also interested in exploring other areas including language and identity.

    Mr Brendan Ch’ng
    MEd (Monash)
  • Ms Ang obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia after pursuing an Early Years Education Diploma (Advance Certificate level). She has more than 20 years of experience working with young children. She is currently a principal of a preschool centre. Ms Ang is passionate about community service oriented education programs. For the last 30 years her centre has successfully nurtured large cohorts of learners both junior and senior.

    Ms Ang Kwee Ching
    BA (Edith Cowan)