Program Introduction

The American Degree Transfer program at HELP is two years of study that prepares you to complete your Bachelor’s degree in the United States or Canada. We use an American style approach specifically designed by experts in various fields. That’s why our transfer credits are accepted by over 100 of the best universities and our students become top achievers in academics, in industry, and in life.

The HELP University ADP has a unique learning style. Academic freedom is one of the hallmarks of an American education. In class you will notice different perspectives on instruction. ADP students learn to observe and analyze a problem, and then solve it. You will listen to your classmates and challenge their points of view. In doing so, you will gain confidence, critical thinking skills and the ability to organize and present an argument.

We offer a wide range of subjects to help you get a well-rounded understanding of the world. ADP extra curriculars such as field trips, clubs, sports and cultural events, and social activities maximize your campus life and give you a chance to make new friends. The HELP University ADP can get you ready to work in almost any career. Business, engineering, arts, communication, natural and applied sciences, design and many, many more are available for you. We have special arrangements that allow you to work in your chosen field while you are in the United States or Canada to gain valuable experience and knowledge. These internships make a big difference when you enter the job market.

Getting started on the pathway to your dream job with HELP’s ADP couldn’t be easier. Students who have finished SPM or the equivalent can enroll directly into the program and begin their degree. There’s no need for A-Levels or foundation! Why waste time?

Intakes and Entry Requirements
  • January New student Orientation
    Day, January 5th
  • March New student Orientation
    Day, March 23th
  • May New student Orientation
    Day, May 18th
  • August New student Orientation
    Day, August 24th
Entry Requirements

If you have any of the following qualifications, you can register for our next intake. Forecast results are acceptable.

  • 5 SPM credits (including English) with a pass in
    Bahasa Malaysia and Sejarah
  • 5 O-Level credits (including English)
  • 5 Bs UEC (including English)
  • Equivalent qualification from other high schools
    HELP’s ADP lets you start your degree right away -no need to take A-Levels or foundation.

* Note: If you are doing A-Levels, foundation or degree at any institution, you can still come to the HELP University ADP.
Our exemptions will be evaluated individually.

Majors and Careers

Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make. At HELP University ADP, we realize that this can be stressful for students just entering higher education. We have designed ADP so that you can explore the opportunities available, and then make a better choice about the career you really want. Our counselors will provide you with the right information to help make wise educational and career decisions based on your interests, talents, passions and academic ability. HELP’s ADP and our many university partners not only provide you with intellectual growth and self-improvement, but a search for truth and understanding as well. You’ll also get technical training to enter and become successful in the world of work.

We understand it can be hard to know what career path you may want to follow. This is normal. ADP is very flexible for that reason. If you begin preparing for a degree in one field and then decide you would be happier in another, you can change. You don’t have to go back to the beginning and you won’t lose the time you spent studying. Your credits can simply be applied toward your new degree choice and you keep moving forward.

Actuarial Science | University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

HELP ADP is the preferred transfer program to the University of Waterloo and consistently admits the largest student numbers from Malaysia to UW each year.

The University of Waterloo, located at the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle, has become one of Canada’s leading comprehensive universities with 28,000 full- and part-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

For 17 years in a row, the university has been named Canada’s most innovative university in the Maclean’s annual university rankings, and has topped the reputational categories of Best Overall, Most Innovative, and most likely to produce the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Waterloo, as home to the world’s largest post-secondary co-operative education program, embraces its connections to the world and encourages enterprising partnerships in learning, research and discovery.


Varieties of learning and experience at ADP. Clockwise from top left:

1.  Indoor recreational activities

2.  Students performing in drama class

3.  Scuba diving in Redang Island

4.  Students performing in concert

5.  School break at Redang Reef Resort

6.  Fun day of music appreciation

7.  Outdoor adventure at Taman Negara

8.  Multicultural bonding

Academic Team
Dr. Gerard Boey Kong Hoong
Bsc Hons (Campbell),
Msc (Sys Eng) (Cardiff),
Head of Department
Thayalarani Singanayagam
BSc (Hons) (Math),
MEd (Malaya)
Senior Lecturer
S Geetha Sivadasan
BA (First Class Hons),
Dip Ed, MEd (Malaya)
Senior Lecturer
Sumathy KPD Moorthy
Dip Ed (TESL & History)
(Malaya), BA (Hons)(Malaya),
asters HRM & IR
(Newcastle, Sydney)
Senior Lecturer
Belinda Ting
BA (Hons) (Anthropology
& Sociology/Malay Studies),
Master of Malay Studies
(Malay Language) (Malaya)
Ramila Devi Ram Sing
LCCI (Dip in Accounting),
BCom (Accounting) (Otago),
MBA (Sunshine Coast)
Ponni Alagappan
BSc (Biochem) (Delhi),
MSc (Biotech)
Dr. Ramanan Malini
BL (Madras), MA (Sociology)
(Annamalai), CELTA
(British Council)PhD (UKM)
Akhmal Bin Ayob
BSyariah (Siasah Syar’iyah)
Distinction (Malaya),
MLetters (Aberdeen)
Wong Chuan Ern
BEng (Electrical & Electronic
MSc (Computer Science) (UTAR)
Christine Wong
BSc (Mathematics) (Putra),
MSc (Statistics) (Malaya),
Ayesha Abdullah Najieb Badib
MEd (Curriculum & Instruction)
(UKMalaysia), BEd (TESL) (Univ.
Science & Tech.) (Yemen)
Dr. Lim Eu Kit
BS (Mass Comm), BA (History)
(Bemidji State), MA (History)
(North Dakota), PhD in
Religious and Theological
Studies (Denver)
Marta Urpinell Lopez
Bachelor Degree in Social
Work (Barcelona City)
ELE Diploma in Spanish for
Foreigners (Barcelona City)
Visa Clause

Application to transfer to complete your degree will be subject to the following:

  1. Meeting the entry requirements of the said University; and
  2. In having your student visa approved by the relevant authorities.

HELP University may guide and advice you on the above requirements but is not responsible for the said approvals as this is solely at the discretion and prerogative exercised by the partner universities and/or immigration authorities concerned. You are advised to check on the respective rules, regulations and entry requirements.