Malaysian Psychology Student Assembly (MAPSA) 2016: Dr Goh Chee Leong, Dean of the Department of Psychology, conducting the opening address for first ever psychology student assembly at the HELP’s new Subang2 Campus.
Malaysia Music Cares 2016: Music Therapy Conference, hosted at HELP
First ever national-level Psychology Convention at HELP, where secondary schools students all over from Malaysia are exposed to Psychology.
In July 2016, more than 50 HELP Psychology Delegates with Dr Saths Cooper, President of the International Union of Psychological Science, at the 31st International Psychology Conference, Yokohama, Japan.

Largest Asian Undergraduate Psychology Programme

One of the largest undergraduate psychology programs in Asia with over 1,300 full time students

Distinguished Academics

A strong faculty of over 60 staff members, with a team of 37 psychology academic staff who specialise in different areas of psychology

High Achieving Students

A facilitative and interactive program that attracts top student achievers from all over Malaysia and around the world

Strong Research Culture

A strong research culture and infrastructure supported by academic staff who are active in international research

Practical Work Placements

Opportunities for practical training through internships with over 200 organisations

Specialized Masters Programs

Four Masters programs in psychology for full time students and working adults

Flinders-HELP Joint Degree

The first non-Australian University to attain the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accreditation for an undergraduate psychology program.

Flexible Transfer Pathways

Guaranteed transfer arrangements with over 50 top universities in the US, Australia, UK and New Zealand.

Vibrant Student Life

A vibrant student life with active psychology student clubs, sporting events, psychology movie festivals and psychology research colloquiums