The centre for Psychological and Counselling Services offers services to the university community and the general public in the following areas:


Psychotherapy/Counselling is the use of psychological means to assist clients in addressing and overcoming issues that cause distress. Psychotherapy/Counselling sessions are typically conducted for individuals, couples/family and groups.

Child Therapy

Children express more of themselves through play than speech. At the centre, a fully equipped play room facilitates children’s expressions of various stressors (i.e. death, loss, trauma, divorce etc.). Trained therapists create a safe atmosphere to allow children to express themselves and work through their problems. Children are able to communicate or play out how they feel to the therapist leading to improved ability to cope with difficulties. Therefore, play therapy is to children, what Counselling is to adults.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessments are tests that are administered to help assess clients’ functioning in various areas. Psychological assessments are also used to obtain information pertinent to diagnoses of mental health conditions. These tests may be used to assess the following areas:

  • Cognitive / Intellectual Functioning
  • Personality
  • Depression, Anxiety, other symptoms
  • Coping and Adjustment

Psychoeducation is a form of education aimed at increasing awareness of mental health issues and preventing mental illness. In psychoeducation clients and their significant others gain information on how to manage, cope and care for others with mental illness.


We serve as a training site for graduate-level students of mental healthcare programs. In striving to provide the highest quality services to the community, we support professional training supervised by qualified mental healthcare practitioners. State of the art facilities provide opportunities for hands-on learning and greater exposure in supervision. Trainees at the centre provide professional psychotherapy/ Counselling services under the supervision of experienced and qualified practitioners.


Serena Sinniah

Manager/Clinical Psychologist
BA (Psych, Rhetoric & Comm Studies) (Drake),
MClinPsy (UKM)

Usha Ponnudurai
Assistant Manager/Counselor (Reg. No. KB01854)
BMedSc (Aberdeen), MCounselling (HELP),
Counselor (Board of Counselors)

Mabel Chong Siew Lian

BSc(Psych) Hons(Middlesex)
3rd Floor Block B, Kompleks Pejabat Damansara,
Jalan Dungun, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2096 1212

Thong Shu Yi

BA(Monash),MClinical Psych(HELP)
Clinical Psychologist
Tel: +603-7849 3000 Ext 3201

Ronald Lee Wei Shiong

BA(Psych)(Monash), MCounselling(HELP),
Counsellor (Board of Counsellor)
Counsellor (Reg. No. KB06469)
Jin Dungun, Medan Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur


Cheng Yen Yee
Clinical Psychologist
BPsych (Industrial & Org Psych) Hons (UTM),
MClinical Psych (HELP)

Hong Wei Hee
Developmental Psychologist
BPsych Hons (Northumbria),
MChild Development (UCL)