Chloe Low Whye Kwan | Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Media Studies Dankook University, Korean Immersion Programme (KIP)

Spending almost a month in South Korea as a student exchange in Dankook University was one of the most memorable and exciting journeys I have had. I am very thankful that I was given this amazing opportunity to study in South Korea. I was able to experience life as a student there and to learn the language, cultures and lifestyles.

Farahia Jaszlin Jasni | Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) Dankook University, Korean Immersion Programme (KIP)

“아, 이제 진짜로 끝이야…” (Ah- this is really the end) was what I said to myself when my one-month trip to Korea was about to end and the reality of going back home to Malaysia was starting to hit. Having the opportunity to study in Korea for a month was something I will always be grateful for, as I have gained and made so many colourful memories with new friends.

Lee Janice | Bachelor of Psychology Kyungsung University, International Summer Camp

As a K-pop fan and the daughter of a K-drama fan, I have always been interested in Korean culture. My summer exchange experience with Kyungsung University in Busan, Korea has been an eye-opening one because I got to know and experience the ‘real’ Korea and not like the one displayed in dramas. I got to learn about Korean, visit traditional places and also experience the life of a student in Korea.

Chow Pei Ying | Bachelor of Business (Finance) (HONS) Duksung Women’s University, Discover Korea at DWU 2017 International Summer Program

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to HELP University for granting me the opportunity to participate in the programme. The exchange programme started on the July 3, 2017 and ended on July 23, 2017. The programme includes an in-class Korean language learning program as well as outdoor field trips.